CoolCabanas Instructions


By following these instructions you'll discover CoolCabanas are incredibly easy to setup and pack-up alone. You should also check out the video below for a demo


 1. Slide the sand spike into the loose pole then push / tap the sand spike vertically into the sand by sliding the loose pole up and down, stop when the loose pole touches the sand. This sets the pole correctly so the corner fabric columns are pulled taut when filled with sand so they anchor it down. Note; When your CoolCabana is fully setup each corner edge of the loose pole will point to the middle of each side of your CoolCabana so rotate the pole to suit before you tap it in the sand. DO NOT OPEN YOUR COOLCABANA UNTIL IT IS PLACED ONTO THE LOOSE MIDDLE POLE.

2. Slide the closed CoolCabana onto the pole then open the canopy by sliding the slider up until it stops. Set each arm and corner one at a time by extending the length of each arm by pulling it out until the thumb clip locks into position and filling the sand pocket with sand, this will help to keep it anchored until fully set. If it’s windy hold your CoolCabana to prevent it being damaged until it is fully set with all 4 sand pockets filled with sand and each corner column pulled taut.

3. Your CoolCabana is not anchored against the wind until all 4 sand pockets are filled with sand and all 4 corner fabric columns are taut. If any corner fabric column(s) sag then your CoolCabana will sway in the wind causing damage. To prevent this either partially bury the filled sand pocket(s) in the sand or pull them outwards away from the centre pole until all 4 corner fabric columns are taut. If windy hold your CoolCabana to prevent damage until it is fully and correctly set.


 1. Use a hammer to tap the grass spike (purchased separately) into the grass. Note each corner edge of the pole will point to the middle of each side of your CoolCabana so rotate the grass spike to suit before hammering it in.

 2. Slide the lower pole over the grass spike then slide the closed CoolCabana onto the pole.

3. Open and tension the canopy in the same way as the beach set up then hammer pegs through the holes provided at each corner and position them so the fabric corner columns are taut.


 1. First release the tension on the canopy by pressing the thumb clip on just one arm and sliding the extended arm section back inside the arm, then pull the slider down to close the canopy. Once the canopy is closed empty the sand pockets / release the corner grass pegs and lift the Coolcabana off the main pole. DO NOT LIFT THE COOLCABANA OFF THE MAIN POLE UNTIL IT IS CLOSED.

 2. To pack away, turn the closed CoolCabana upside down and drop each fabric column inside the canopy, release and slide all 4 arms extenders back inside each arm then tightly roll the canopy up around the main pole and slide into the bag.