By following these instructions you'll discover CoolCabanas are incredibly easy to setup and pack-up alone. You should also check out the instruction video on our home page and instructions sewn inside the top of the CoolCabana bag.


  1. Slide the sand spike into a middle pole then push / tap the sand spike vertically into the sand by sliding the middle pole up and down. To set the middle pole to the correct height STOP when the middle pole TOUCHES THE SAND otherwise your CoolCabana will sit too low or high and the corner fabric columns will sag or be suspended when the sand pockets are filled with sand. Note; When your CoolCabana is setup each corner edge of the loose pole will point to the middle of each side of your CoolCabana so rotate the pole to suit the angle you wish to face before tapping the sand spike into the sand.
  2. If your CoolCabana is size M add the second middle pole by sliding it onto the lower middle pole.
  3. Slide the closed CoolCabana onto the middle pole(s) with the arms closed.
  4. To open and anchor the CoolCabana set each arm and corner column one at a time starting with the arms on the on the windy side first. Pull an outer arm section down to open the arm and completely fill the sand pocket with sand, repeat for the other arm on the windy side. Repeat the process for the 2 arms on the non-windy side.
  5. If it’s windy hold your CoolCabana to prevent it from being damaged until fully set with all 4 sand pockets completely filled with sand and each corner column pulled tight.
  6. Note, your CoolCabana is not set correctly against the wind until all 4 sand pockets are filled with sand and all 4 corner fabric columns are pulled tight. If any corner fabric column(s) sag then your CoolCabana will sway in the wind causing damage. To prevent this either partially bury the filled sand pocket(s) in the sand or pull them outwards away from the centre pole until all 4 corner fabric columns are tight.
  7. Sit and lie under your CoolCabana and relax all day long - don't forget to post photos - @CoolCabanas on Instagram and Facebook. Even post a review please on our facebook page / product review - you'll be surprised how many competitors post negative reviews so every review helps.


  1. Use a hammer to tap the grass spike (purchased separately) into the grass. Note each corner edge of the pole will point to the middle of each side of your CoolCabana so rotate the grass spike to suit before hammering it in.
  2. Slide the lower pole over the grass spike, continue to set it up as per the beach instructions except hammer pegs through the holes provided at each corner and position them so the fabric corner columns are tight.


  1. First close the arms on the non-windy side by tipping the sand pocket upside down to empty it and folding the outer arm section up and inwards against the middle pole. Repeat this on the windy side.
  2. Once the canopy is closed with all 4 corners folded up firmly wrap the fabric columns around the CoolCabana and pull the sand pockets down over the top to lock the arms closed, this makes it easy to pull the bag over the CoolCabana.
  3. Pull the bag down over the top then lift the CoolCabana off the middle pole(s).
  4. Slide the middle pole(s) and sand spike into the bag and close the velcro.
  5. Walk off in style because everyone will be amazed how easy that was.