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CoolCabana 5

The world's best beach shelter!


The Original and The Best - Join the CoolCabana Revolution

Since our launch on the Sunshine Coast in 2015, Coolcabanas have quickly become the clear choice for all beach lovers. It's easy to see why. Our flagship product provides shade for your whole body, won't blow away, and can easily be set up by one person.

Enjoy the beach in timeless style, under a Coolcabana.

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Set-Up Step 1

Tap the sand spike in until the middle pole touches the sand

Set-Up Step 2

slide your CoolCabana onto the middle pole, then open the arm on the windy side first

Set-Up Step 3

Completely Fill the sand pocket before opening the next arm

Set-Up Step 4

Repeat on the non-windy side


Empty the sand pocket on the non-windy side and fold the arm in, repeat on each corner then slide sand pockets and bag over the top.

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Tessa McDonald

"Wow! If you go to the beach, the coolcabana is a must have. I have tried all kinds of umbrellas and shade shelters...this is by far the easiest to transport, set up and use. The Large coolcabana easily fits our family of 5. And I got the pineapple print which Is adorable to boot! Highly recommend this product!!!"

Trevor Knowles

"I have been absolutely thrilled with my CoolCabana - my work schedule is nonstandard, and I'm often taking days at the beach when others are working, which leaves me looking for beach gear that is easy to transport and set up solo, and this totally is! Would also be great for tailgating early in the season when the sun is still powerful and it'd be great to have some shade. Love it, highly recommend."

Paul Edwards

"I love my CoolCabana! It is so rare these days that a product I purchase online looks and functions exactly as advertised. Very compact when closed and safe in the carrying case, so easy to set up, looks great, made from high-quality fabric, and includes several very functional pockets to store items when you're on the beach."