CoolCabanas - About Us & Contact Us

CoolCabanas were conceived on the world famous Noosa Beach, Queensland Australia during summer 2014. A prototype was used and tested extensively within Australia where the design was modifed before going into production. 

The design centred around 4 main pillars, these are;

  1. To be light and easy to carry
  2. To be easy enough for one person to setup alone 
  3. To withstand typical beach winds without blowing away, and
  4. To be large enough to accomodate a typical family

During summer 2015 CoolCabanas were launched to great success in the USA and Australia where around 60,000 have been sold. The unique patented design and trademarked name "CoolCabanas" have created an entirely new segment and type of Sun Shelter.

If you have any questions then send an email by clicking here or completing and sending the form below. We typically reply within 1 business day or sooner.