The World's Best Beach Shelter

Protect Your Skin

Enjoy the beach without worrying about sunburn, ageing, and skin cancer. All CoolCabanas are rated for UPF 50+ protection.

Shade for Everyone

With 5.8m² (Large) or 4m² (Medium) of shade, you'll never be curled up for shade again.

Easy, One-Person Setup

When designing the CoolCabana, it was extremely important to us that one person could set it up.

Just Released

FITSTOP X CoolCabanas

We've partnered with Fitstop to celebrate the best of movement and it's role in a well-rounded lifestyle. At this time of year that means hitting the beach and enjoying the best of Australia.


"Unbelievably easy to set up, and convenient pockets for things like keys and sunglasses."

"The patented design makes it super easy to fold, carry, and assemble."

"A response to the worldwide need for a simpler to use, safer and smarter beach shelter."

The CoolCabana 5
The Beach Shelter Changing Australia

Join the revolution.

Designed by experts, CoolCabanas can easily be set-up by one person, provide UPF 50+ protection for the whole family, and are anchored by 16kgs of sand to keep your CoolCabana on the beach.